SRA Board meetings in 2015

Somerset Rivers Authority was officially launched on 31 January, 2015. The first Board meeting was held on 27 February 2015, when a Chair and Vice-Chair were elected. Four more meetings were held later in the year.

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The first meeting of the SRA's Board - SRA Board meeting 27 February 2015

Subjects at the SRA Board meeting on 25 March 2015 included the SRA's constitution, financial arrangements and Common Works Programme.

Subjects at the SRA Board meeting on 22 July 2015 included the Economic Impact Assessment on the floods of 2013/14, dredging and the SRA's future funding.

Subjects at the SRA Board meeting on 23 September 2015 included the Bridgwater Barrier, dredging and proposed River Sowy / King's Sedgemoor Drain improvements.

Subjects at the SRA Board meeting on 21 October 2015 included the Upper Tone strategic flood alleviation scheme, dredging and ring banks.
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