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SRA Scrutiny meetings and papers

The next meeting of the SRA Joint Scrutiny Panel will be held at 2pm on Tuesday 8 August, 2017, in the Luttrell Room at County Hall, The Crescent, Taunton, TA1 4DY. The agenda and papers for this meeting are below. Meetings are open to the public and members of the press. For more information, contact Somerset County Council's Community Governance section on 01823-357628. Email: democraticservices@somerset.gov.uk

The Joint Scrutiny Panel’s purpose is to examine the activities of Somerset Rivers Authority and provide assurance to the SRA's constituent councils and partners that it is operating effectively.
Councils represented on the SRA Joint Scrutiny Panel are Somerset County Council, Mendip District Council, Sedgemoor District Council, South Somerset District Council, Taunton Deane Borough Council and West Somerset Council. Also represented are the Axe/Brue and the Parrett Internal Drainage Boards.
The Panel initially has 14 members: two elected members from each of the six councils and one from each Internal Drainage Board.
At their first meeting, members appointed a Chair (Julian Taylor) and a Vice-Chair (Cllr Simon Coles).

Members also discussed how to involve other stakeholders, such as the Environment Agency, Natural England, the Wessex Regional Flood & Coastal Committee and any other bodies they might deem it useful to get involved.

Members of SRA Joint Scrutiny Panel:

Cllr Eve Berry (Mendip District Council)
Cllr Roy Mackenzie (Mendip District Council)

Julian Taylor - Chair (Parrett Internal Drainage Board)
David Tratt (Axe Brue Internal Drainage Board)

Cllr Kathy Pearce (Sedgemoor District Council)
Cllr Brian Smedley (Sedgemoor District Council)

Cllr Phillip Ham (Somerset County Council)
Cllr Alan Wedderkopp (Somerset County Council)

Cllr Sue Steele (South Somerset District Council)
Cllr Gerard Tucker (South Somerset District Council)

Cllr Simon Coles - Vice Chair (Taunton Deane Borough Council)
Cllr Libby Lisgo (Taunton Deane Borough Council)

Cllr Brenda Maitland-Walker (West Somerset Council)
Cllr Rosemary Woods (West Somerset Council)


1 Apologies for Absence
Purpose: To record apologies for absence
Lead: Chair

2 Declarations of Interest
Purpose: Transparency
All members

3 Minutes of last meeting
Purpose: To confirm accuracy  
All members
Draft Minutes 1 February SRA Joint Scrutiny Panel

4 Public Question Time
Purpose: To give the public chance to ask questions
Lead: Chair

5 Somerset Rivers Authority Joint Scrutiny Panel - Draft Terms of Reference
Purpose: To consider a report
Lead: Chair
Draft Terms of Reference SRA Joint Scrutiny Panel August 2017

6 Somerset Rivers Authority - Draft 2016-17 End of Year Report
Purpose: To consider a report
Lead: Sarah Diacono
SRA Draft 2016-17 End of Year Report v3

7 Summary of Decisions from 21 July Somerset Rivers Authority Board meeting & Public Question asked at the meeting
Purpose: To consider Summary and Public Question
Lead: Sarah Diacono
Summary of Decisions from SRA Board meeting 21 July 2017, Rhona Light Public Question to SRA Board meeting 21 July 2017 re Item 8

8 Somerset Rivers Authority Precepting Body and Future Funding updates
Purpose: To consider reports
Lead: Sarah Diacono
SRA Board Precepting Legislation, SRA Joint Scrutiny Panel Funding update

9 Somerset Rivers Authority Joint Scrutiny Panel Development - SRA tour and member training
Purpose: Verbal update
Lead: Sarah Diacono

10 AOB (Any Other Business of urgency)
Purpose: To raise urgent items
Lead: Chair

If you would like to get in touch please contact us at sra@somerset.gov.uk or tel: 01823 355111
The Flood Action Plan is now overseen by the Somerset Rivers Authority and can be contacted on the above.