Some key Flood Action Plan achievements to January 31, 2015

The following work has been led by various partners of the Flood Action Plan.

Dredging and River Management
  • The 8km dredge on Rivers Parrett and Tone, to the 1960s profile has been completed
  • The construction of  new Thorney Village Ring-bank is complete
  • Multi-million pound asset repair work at 50+ locations continuing or completed
  • Flood defence works to protect properties at Aller Drove is complete
  • Phase 1 river modelling work is complete
  • A project looking at 10 other potential dredging locations underway
  • The construction of Thorney Pottery Ring-bank is almost complete and work is underway appraising other potential ring banks
  • Permanent protection at Westonzoyland is complete
  • The river modelling work to assess the impact of the various Flood Plan actions is underway
  • The Parrett Barrier multi-agency project team has been set up to deliver the preliminary work prior to construction, now that that we have secured Growth Deal funding for this phase of the project
  • ‘Trigger Level’ information has been communicated to many communities throughout the Levels and Moors
Land Management
  • £100k has been secured to complete survey work and £550k to deliver a programme of small scale on-farm schemes in 2015/16
Urban Run-Off
  • Publication of initial feasibility for £16m flood storage upstream from Taunton – funding bid submitted
  • Flooding ‘hotspots’ identified, working with other agencies
  • Work continues with partner authorities to develop Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) guidance for developers and planners for new developments
  • Reviewed / identified sample sites to evaluate effectiveness of existing SUDs schemes
Resilient Infrastructure
  • Deep clean of system including review and survey of gullies and culverts
  • Beer Wall Phase 1 complete and road reopened
  • Road raising on Muchelney to Drayton road under way
  • 26 projects allocated funds from Flood Mitigation Fund – 12 schemes have commenced
  • Location of road closure gates identified
Building Local Resilience
  • A Community Recovery and Resilience Officer has started in post, work is progressing well to work with communities and develop flood plans
  • Support meetings have been held and will continue at various locations
  • Recovery and repair work continues for homes, farms, businesses and neighbourhoods
  • A Somerset community resilience website is under development
Business Case & Delivery of Long Term Solutions
  • A workshop held in October to identify opportunities for joint flood risk management investment / decisions between infrastructure providers
  • The Economic Impact Assessment of the 2013/14 flooding is being finalised ready for publication end Jan/early Feb 2015
Somerset Rivers Authority
  • Formal endorsement by local partners for SRA proposals has been gained
  • Interim funding of £2.7m for an Enhanced Maintenance Programme and SRA development in 2015/16 has been secured
  • Fuller engagement has been established with key partners and wider stakeholders
  • The SRA was set up on 31st January 2015 as planned
If you would like to get in touch please contact us at sra@somerset.gov.uk or tel: 01823 355111
The Flood Action Plan is now overseen by the Somerset Rivers Authority and can be contacted on the above.