SRA End of Year Report 2015-16: Removal of vegetation and / or sediment removal – viewed rhynes and main river

Ilchester Town Bridge Bank Realignment

Problem: Significant silt deposits on the River Yeo were reducing the conveyance capacity of the arches of Ilchester Town Bridge.

Achieved: The bank immediately upstream of Ilchester Town Bridge was set back landward creating a two-stage channel. Approximately 200m3 of accumulated silt and soils was removed. Downstream improvements included vegetation clearance along 100m of raised defences, plus the diminution of a silt bar in the centre of the River Yeo. The work was completed in October 2015 by Environment Agency Operations Teams (Wessex).

West Sedgemoor and Aller Moor

Problem: Previous funding regimes restricted maintenance on these moors, mostly to every other year, resulting in reduced flow capacity of the channels and land recovering more slowly from flooding.

Achieved: Weed clearance and sediment removal programmes are now yearly, with around 37,500m of additional channel maintenance.

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