Contents of Somerset Rivers Authority Annual Report 2019-20

Somerset Rivers Authority Annual Report 2019-20 covers activities funded by the SRA between the start of April 2019 and the end of March 2020.

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Note: the version of the Annual Report spread across pages on this website is based on the full-length version but does not reproduce it exactly. For example, some graphics are missing because they do not work so well on screen. Cross-references to page numbers have also been taken out and replaced with links.

You are particularly recommended to read the sections about Dredging and River Management and Land Management including natural flood management in full-length PDF form, if possible, because the full-length version contains many more photographs.

Introductory Elements

Purpose of Somerset Rivers Authority

SRA funding and legislation

Workstream 1 (W1): Dredging and River Management

Summary W1 Dredging and River Management

Major projects

Maintenance dredging and silt monitoring

How water injection dredging works on the River Parrett

First scientific study published into effectiveness of water injection dredging in Somerset

Pioneer dredging: Oath to Burrowbridge

River Parrett Northmoor to M5 dredging trial

River Sowy – King’s Sedgemoor Drain enhancements

Strategic Approach to Mitigation

Bridgwater Tidal Barrier

Taunton Strategic Flood Alleviation Improvements Scheme

Smaller Projects

New Highbridge pumping station

North Drain Pumping Station

Sampford Brett and Woolston Moor

Enhanced Mendip flood risk management and maintenance

Wells: Knapp Hill catchment feasibility study

Tootle Bridge and Catsham

Chadmead ring bank

Workstream 2 (W2): Land management including Natural Flood Management

Summary and Introduction to Land Management including Natural Flood Management 2019-20

Natural Flood Management Online Auctions

Capital grant schemes on the National Trust’s Holnicote estate in West Somerset

Other Natural Flood Management capital grant schemes 2019-20

Triple C match-funded schemes

Highways Referrals in 2019-20

Soil visits

See also:  placed under W5 but with strong connections to this workstream and others

Wetland Biomass Feasibility Study

Adapting the Levels

Workstream 3: Urban Water Management

Summary and Introduction to Urban Water Management 2019-20

Somerset-specific guidance on SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems)

SuDS inspections and demonstration sites

Yeovil urban SuDS study

Workstream 4: Resilient Infrastructure

Summary and Introduction to Resilient Infrastructure 2019-20

Enhanced maintenance of highways and structures

Monksilver flood protection works

Shurton and Burton Highway Flood Relief

Beckington surface and foul water investigation

Cheddar flood risks study

A38 Blackbird Bends flood alleviation study

Workstream 5: Building Local resilience

Summary and Introduction to Building Local Resilience 2019-20

Building Relationships and Community Flood Groups

Community Flood Alerts

Somerset Community Resilience Day 2019

Community grants for equipment

Affordable flood insurance survey results

Wetland Biomass Feasibility Study

Adapting the Levels

Financial Summary

Financial Summary, including Local Partner Funding and Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership Growth Deal funding

Flood Action Plan

Somerset Flood Action Plan targets and what we have achieved

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