Contents of Somerset Rivers Authority Annual Report 2021-22

The Somerset Rivers Authority (SRA) Annual Report 2021-22 covers activities funded by the SRA between the start of April 2021 and the end of March 2022.

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Introductory Elements

Somerset’s 20 Year Flood Action Plan and the SRA

Workstream 1 (W1): Dredging and River Management

Introduction to Dredging and River Management 2021-22

Major projects

Dredging and silt monitoring 2021-22

River Sowy – King’s Sedgemoor Drain enhancements 2021-22

Strategic Approach to Mitigation 2021-22

Bridgwater Tidal Barrier 2021-22

Taunton Strategic Flood Alleviation Improvements Scheme 2021-22

Smaller Projects

River Brue modelling 2021-22

Sampford Brett flood alleviation culvert works 2021-22

De-silting of structures 2021-22

River Aller ‘Stage Zero’ 2021-22

Tivington Farm: River Aller upper catchment floodplain restoration 2021-22

Dulverton Weir and Leat 2021-22

Langport flow station 2021-22

Workstream 2 (W2): Land management including Natural Flood Management

Introduction to Land Management including Natural Flood Management 2021-22

Natural Flood Management capital grant schemes across Somerset 2021-22

Highways Referrals and Soil Visits in 2021-2022

Natural Flood Management Online Auctions 2021-22

Trees for Water Action Fund 2021-22

Natural Flood Management for Doniford catchment farms 2021-22

See also: placed under W5 but with strong connections to this workstream and others

Adapting the Levels and Co-Adapt 2021-22

Workstream 3: Urban Water Management

Introduction to Urban Water Management and SuDS 2021-22

SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) inspections 2021-22

Flood risk reduction works in Rode 2021-22

Minehead 25-Year Flood Action Plan 2021-22

River Sheppey catchment action plan 2021-22

Workstream 4: Resilient Infrastructure

Introduction to Resilient Infrastructure 2021-22

Carhampton A39 and B3191 Drainage improvements 2021-22

Kingston St Mary drainage improvements 2021-22

West Camel drainage improvements 2021-22

Culvert inspections and remedial works in Internal Drainage Board (IDB) areas 2021-22

Chadmead bank improvements 2021-22

Asset upgrades at frequently jetted sites 2021-22

Enhanced maintenance of highways and structures 2021-22

Rimpton and Marston Magna catchment study 2021-22

Workstream 5: Building Local resilience

Introduction to Building Local Resilience 2021-22

Somerset Community Resilience event October 2021

Grants to communities for equipment and training 2021-22

Supporting communities affected by flooding 2021-22

School visits 2021-22

Down by the River film 2021-22

Adapting the Levels and Co-Adapt 2021-22

(Note: The section about Adapting the Levels includes sub-sections about a new web-based Adaptation Pathways app, a new mobile Somerset Trails app, moor associations, Environmental Land Management Schemes (ELMS) and a Somerset Levels and Moors peat trial.)

Financial Summary

Financial Summary, including Local Partner Funding and Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership Growth Deal funding 2021-22

Progress with Somerset’s Flood Action Plan

Progress with Somerset’s 20 Year Flood Action Plan 2021-22

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