Tony Hollis in action cranking the handle of an old sluice gate, and looking at the cogs moving.

Ten free Somerset shows with films new and old

A new Somerset film called Down by the River premieres in February, with ten free screenings countywide. Each event will also include an entertaining and thought-provoking selection of Somerset archive films. Down by the River is a documentary about the inspiring ways that communities across Somerset have responded to flooding.

Hands-on activities help pupils learn about flooding

Children enjoyed learning more about flooding when Somerset Rivers Authority (SRA) and Environment Agency staff visited St John & St Francis Church School in Bridgwater. Get in touch with the SRA if your school would like a school visit.

‘When you know the water’s coming’ by Liv Torc

A piece written and performed by the Somerset poet Liv Torc for the United Nations' COP26 climate change conference held in Glasgow in November 2021. For this personal take on prospects for the Somerset Levels and Moors, organised through the international Hot Poets project, Liv worked with partners in Adapting the Levels, which is part-funded by Somerset Rivers Authority.

How the Somerset Moors work

An updated version of the Environment Agency's guide to How the Somerset Moors work. It shows in detail how water is moved around the Moors when the River Parrett and the River Tone flood. Rivers, Moors, spillways, sluice gates and pumping stations interact in complex ways.
The A39-B3191 Carhampton Cross junction with traffic cones marking off an area of new tarmac under which part of a new drainage system has been installed.

Carhampton flood works now focused on B3191 Blue Anchor road

Up-to-date information about what's happening on roads in Carhampton this November 2021. Works to reduce flooding are being done for Somerset Rivers Authority by Somerset County Council's Highways department. The B3191 Blue Anchor road is currently closed.
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