Four men from contractors Bernard Perry fitting the railings of a new walkway on a Westmoor water level control structure for Somerset Rivers Authority.

Flood works on Somerset Levels boost 100 water control features

Three projects to reduce local flood risks and improve the environment have been carried out for Somerset Rivers Authority (SRA) on the Somerset Levels. The works at Egypt’s Clyse on Othery Rhyne and on the Moorlinch and Westmoor Raised Water Level Areas are part of the SRA's overarching plan to enhance the River Sowy-King’s Sedgemoor Drain (KSD) system. Sowy-KSD works are being delivered for the SRA by the Environment Agency.
Sarah Elliott of Ham Village Flood Committee points to a raised earth bund created as a flood defence by the Environment Agency.

Video: How two Somerset flood groups have helped their villages

Volunteers in Ham and Martock have helped to reduce flood risks in and around their villages. For the benefit of people living elsewhere in Somerset, six key figures share lessons they have learned. They point out some of the equipment that can now be used and some of the drainage, flood defence and natural flood management works that have been carried out locally.
View looking up Bonnings Lane in Barrington of newly completed silt trap with with builders' equipment including a wheelbarrow, generator and pick-axes.

New silt trap benefits 25 homes

A new silt trap has been installed in Barrington, as part of a series of moves by Somerset Rivers Authority to reduce flood risks in the village.
SRA community engagement support officer Dawn James talking to Derek Johnson, Jenny Pike and Sarah Elliott about the work of Ham Village Flood Defence Committee, with some of the committee's equipment laid out nearby.

Help your Somerset community get ready for winter

People across Somerset are being offered free interactive online training between Tuesday 20 October and Thursday 22 October to help communities prepare for what could be a challenging winter. Subjects covered include recovering from crises, dealing with flooding and snow, and co-ordinating community volunteers. New short local films will also be shown.
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