SRA community engagement support officer Dawn James talking to Derek Johnson, Jenny Pike and Sarah Elliott about the work of Ham Village Flood Defence Committee, with some of the committee's equipment laid out nearby.

Help your Somerset community get ready for winter

People across Somerset are being offered free interactive online training between Tuesday 20 October and Thursday 22 October to help communities prepare for what could be a challenging winter. Subjects covered include recovering from crises, dealing with flooding and snow, and co-ordinating community volunteers. New short local films will also be shown.

Out now: Somerset Rivers Authority Annual Report 2019-20

Somerset Rivers Authority Annual Report 2019-20 shows in great detail how nearly £2.8million was spent on a wide range of extra flood protection and resilience works across Somerset. A summary offers interesting countywide highlights.
Three samples of metalwork - a knife blade, a chain link, part of a hinge strap - excavated from the lost Somerset hamlet of Tappingweir near the River Parrett.

Report reveals history of lost Somerset hamlet

Remains from the lost 16th century hamlet of Tappingweir were uncovered as part of dredging works carried out along the River Parrett. People there led humble lives in centuries gone by, with inferior pots from West and South Somerset.
View from track of black membranes fixed on banks near a water control structure on Westmoor that needs improvement works.

39 steps to better water control

Membranes have been fitted for Somerset Rivers Authority near 39 water control structures at Moorlinch and Westmoor on the Somerset Levels. The membranes will - temporarily - stop vegetation growing and deter water voles, so the structures can be improved later this summer.
Tractor and Sward Slitter in action on field in Exmoor in Somerset with grassland showing results of efforts to aerate soil and improve infiltration of water.

Farmers bid online for Somerset flood works

Farmers across Somerset made well over 100 bids in the county’s biggest auction yet for works to help stop flooding. The auction ran online in the second half of March. Somerset Rivers Authority, the Environment Agency and the Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group SouthWest offered farmers a choice of up to seven different methods of natural flood management. Bids are now being checked.
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