SRA End of Year Report 2015-16: Local flood risk management measures

Problem: Local cases of property and/or highway flooding from surface water and ordinary watercourses.

Achieved: Somerset County Council as the Lead Local Flood Authority was asked by Somerset Rivers Authority to deliver 18 local flood risk management schemes in 2015-16.

Works have been completed at:

  • Wembdon (Church Road surface water improvements)
  • Laverton (ditching & drainage improvements)
  • Lower Henlade (watercourse bed lowering to improve flow and reduce flood risk to road and properties)
  • Washford (Huish Lane spillway into watercourse)
  • Minehead (A39 Hopcott Road drainage improvements & Periton Lane grill)
  • Wigborough (drainage upgrade, inspection chamber & trash screen)
  • Holford (Perry Farm lane drainage improvements & Dyche Road carriageway-raising)
  • Sampford Brett (Capton Road drainage improvements)
  • Wootton Courtenay (Burrow Road drainage upgrade)
  • Bicknoller (Dashwoods Lane drainage improvements)

Studies and investigations were also done at Ilminster (discovering cause of road and property flooding, cause being inadequate culvert downstream under railway) and Washford (CCTV survey) to identify problems and opportunities for future schemes.

Not yet achieved: Due to problems such as landowner disputes, raw sewage outflows, the need for a road closure and other factors outside of our control, it was not possible to complete four schemes in 2015-16. These have been reprogrammed for construction in 2016-17, subject to negotiations with landowners. They are:

  • Old Cleeve to Blue Anchor Road (drainage improvements)
  • Combe Florey (culvert upgrade / new trash screen)
  • Enmore (Frog Lane interception of surface water)
  • Exton (Week Lane drainage improvements)
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