SRA End of Year Report 2015-16: Work to enable schemes

Flood Risk Management scheme development for 2016-17 + technical engineering, ecological and licensing work for 2015-16 & 2016-17 schemes

Problem: To get some specific parts of the SRA’s Enhanced Maintenance Programme work done cost-effectively and efficiently, extra, expert help was needed.

Achieved: The Parrett Internal Drainage Board was tasked by the SRA with commissioning maintenance of the 2014 8km pioneer dredge of the Rivers Parrett and Tone. Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) provided an assessment of post-2014 deposition in the river sections, and the condition and stability of the banks, plus a summary of the consequent maintenance requirements. ECI considered in particular:

  • Pre- and post- dredge information from the 2014 dredging campaign
  • Determination of likely locations and volumes of accretion
  • Scope for river sediment sampling
  • Sampling, and laboratory analysis of specified sediment samples
  • Discussion of de-silting methodologies
  • Review of licences, permits, exemptions and other restrictions
  • Budget estimates for various de-silting options

Silt samples from the rivers were subjected to chemical analysis in order to establish whether they contained any significant contaminants which would affect their treatment under waste management regulations and also to determine whether the silt would provide ‘agricultural benefit’, making it suitable for depositing and incorporating into fields.

For Enhanced Maintenance Programme work taking place in, or near, environmentally sensitive areas, close liaison with Natural England has provided advice, support and guidance.

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