SRA End of Year Report 2015-16: Wirral Park Pumping Station, Glastonbury

Problem: Worn-out pipes and flow control valves, plus silted-up inlet channel, at Wirral Park balance pond and pumping station, built in 1989 to protect homes and businesses in Glastonbury against flooding.

Achieved: Works procured by Mendip District Council and paid for by interim funding involved replacing life-expired one-way flap valves and gate valves, and removing two skips full of silt and debris from the inlet channel.

This was Phase 1 of a scheme designed to ensure that Wirral Park pumping station continues to protect more than 200 homes and four hectares of industrial estate.

(The SRA intends to fund Phase 2 in 2016-17: upgrading the dated electrical control system to meet current regulations and giving the facility for remote monitoring should the need arise.)

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