Somerset Rivers Authority Board meetings in 2018

The Somerset Rivers Authority Board met five times in 2018.

Underlined links in blue take you to the agendas, minutes, and papers for individual meetings.

Subjects at the SRA Board meeting on 31 January 2018 included the SRA’s Enhanced Programme of Works for 2018-19, the River Brue – The Way Forwards, a funding request from the Environment Agency for extra maintenance costs, plus the usual updates on Bridgwater Tidal Barrier, Taunton Strategic Flood Alleviation Improvements Scheme, Dredging Strategy and plans, Sowy/King’s Sedgemoor Drain enhancements, Strategic Approach to Mitigation, and precepting legislation.

Subjects at the SRA Board meeting on 7 March 2018 included the SRA’s budget and Enhanced Programme of works for 2018-19, the Memorandum of Understanding between SRA partners, and Risk Allocation between partners.

Subjects at the SRA Board meeting on 8 June 2018 included the usual updates (now also featuring the River Brue), a request to transfer funds to works on the banks of Decoy Rhyne in the Brue catchment, the publication of the SRA’s End of Year Report 2017-18 and the SRA’s participation in a Future Environmental Land Management Pilot on the Somerset Levels and Moors.

Subjects at the SRA Board meeting on 7 September 2018 included the usual updates, a Quarter 1 2018-19 Finance Report, and the re-allocation of £170,000 of funding for a flood alleviation project in Monksilver in West Somerset and £85,000 for more natural flood management schemes to de delivered by FWAG SW, as part of the SRA’s support for Somerset’s award-winning Hills to Levels initiative.

Subjects at the SRA Board meeting on 7 December 2018 included the SRA’s proposed Enhanced Programme of Works for 2019-20, pioneer dredging between Oath and Burrowbridge, and the re-allocation of funds to extra works on North Drain Pumping Station.

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