Somerset Rivers Authority Board Summary of Decisions, 10 January 2020

This page summarises what happened at the Somerset Rivers Authority (SRA) Board meeting on 10 January 2020. Not every item on the agenda is covered. Only items that required decisions to be taken – or that led to new actions arising – are featured below.

Item 3: Minutes of the SRA meeting on 27 September 2019


It was agreed that the minutes of the SRA Board Meeting held on 27 September 2019 should be signed as accurate.

Item 6: Quarter 2 2019-20 Finance Report


As recommended, the SRA Board:
1. Noted the financial performance as at the end of quarter two of 2019-20.
2. Approved the re-allocation of contingency as per section three of the Quarter 2 2019-20 Finance Report.

Item 7: Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Projects Spending Review


As recommended, the SRA Board:
1. Noted the latest position regarding potential LEP underspend.

Item 8: Key Project Updates

Item 8b: Bridgwater Tidal Barrier letter of support


It was agreed that a letter supporting the proposed Bridgwater Tidal Barrier should be sent as a Formal Representation by the SRA Board to the statutory Transport and Works Act Order process currently being run by Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs).

Item 8c: Taunton Strategic Flood Alleviation Improvements Scheme (TSFAIS)


The SRA Board agreed to all proposed recommendations, but added a condition to the third:
1. Noted the progress of the TSFAIS and completion of Phase 2 work
2. Endorsed the recommended strategic and long-term approach to the management of flood risk in Taunton
3. Confirmed ongoing support of the project and its wider objectives, subject to the condition that interventions made as part of the TSFAIS must have no significant impact downstream of Taunton

Item 9: 2020-21 SRA Enhanced Programme & budget


As recommended, the SRA Board provisionally approved the proposed 2020-21 SRA Enhanced Programme and budget as listed, subject to final approval on 6 March after funding is confirmed by SRA Local Partners (councils and Internal Drainage Boards) during February 2020.

The Board also agreed that a special seminar should be held to enable Board members and officers from the SRA and its partners to explore issues of capacity and commitment with regards to the development and delivery of SRA Enhanced Programmes of work.

Item 12: 2020-21 Administration


As recommended, the SRA Board:
1. Approved the draft 2012-21 SRA Memorandum of Understanding.
2. Agreed 2020-21 SRA Board meeting dates.

Item 13: Any Other Business (AOB)

Ray Adlam (Axe-Brue Internal Drainage Board) requested that a meeting be convened with Board members to discuss the prioritisation of SRA-funded projects. SRA Management Group Chair Paula Hewitt (Somerset County Council) recommended that the SRA’s Management Group should be tasked with organising this. The Board supported this recommendation.

The Board was advised that the Parrett Internal Drainage Board would be carrying out maintenance dredging for the SRA during January, along the River Parrett downstream of Burrowbridge, and that contractors Van Oord had agreed that SRA Board and SRA Joint Scrutiny Panel members could visit on Monday 20 January to see the vessel Borr close-up and learn more about water injection dredging. Further information would be circulated by email.

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