Summary of decisions taken at the Somerset Rivers Authority (SRA) Board meeting on 11 December 2020

Read the Agenda and Reports for the SRA Board meeting on 11 December 2020.

Item 3: Minutes of the meeting on 11 September 2020


It was agreed that the minutes of the SRA Board Meeting held on 11 September 2020 should be signed as accurate.

Item 6: Quarter 2 2020-21 Finance Report


As recommended, the SRA Board noted the financial performance as at the end of Quarter Two 2020-21.

The Board also approved the re-allocation of contingency as per section two of the report except for £22k from Somerset County Council’s Highways Department, listed in table B, which is not to be re-allocated at this time.

Item 7a: 2021-22 Enhanced Programme and Budget


As recommended, the SRA Board provisionally approved the proposed 2021-22 Enhanced Programme, subject to final approval after funding is confirmed in February 2021.

Item 7b: 2021-22 Enhanced Programme additional options


As recommended, the SRA Board noted the opportunity to fund additional projects by using SRA contingency funds as well as the SRA’s 2021-22 shadow precept funding.

The Board noted the second tranche of proposals submitted for the SRA Enhanced Programme 2021-22.

The Board also tasked the SRA’s Technical Group and Management Group with producing a costed list of second-tranche scheme proposals for SRA Board members approval at the final SRA 2021-22 budget-setting meeting on 5 March 2021.

Item 8c: Sowy-King’s Sedgemoor Drain (KSD) Enhancements Scheme


As recommended, the SRA Board noted the substantial completion of mitigation works on Raised Water Level Areas.

The Board also noted the change to the project completion date as a result of the approval of the Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) variation request.

Item 9: Risks and Issues


As recommended, the SRA Board reviewed the current risk log.

No recommendations for any additions or amendments to the strategic risk log were requested by the Board.

Item 10a: Calendar of meetings


As recommended, the SRA Board approved the proposed meeting dates for financial year 2021-22.

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