Agenda for Somerset Rivers Authority Board meeting on 17 March 2023

A meeting of the Board of Somerset Rivers Authority (SRA) was held on Friday 17 March 2023 at Junction 24, Market Way, North Petherton, TA6 6DF.

Read a summary of decisions taken at the SRA Board meeting on 17 March 2023.

Read the minutes of the SRA Board meeting held on 17 March 2023.

Below are lists of people who attended from across the SRA partnership, plus the meeting’s agenda and reports.

Members of SRA Board:

Emma Baker (Environment Agency)
Tony BradfordVice-Chair (Parrett Internal Drainage Board)
Cllr Mike Caswell (Sedgemoor District Council)
Cllr Dixie Darch (Somerset West and Taunton Council)
Cllr Andrew Gilling (Axe Brue Internal Drainage Board)
Rebecca Horsington (Parrett Internal Drainage Board)
David Jenkins (Wessex Regional Flood & Coastal Committee)
Cllr Matt Martin (Mendip District Council)
Claire Newill (Natural England)
Cllr Mike Stanton – Chair (Somerset County Council)
Trevor Whitcombe (Axe Brue Internal Drainage Board – substitute)
Cllr Richard Wilkins (substitute)

In Attendance:

Doug Bamsey (Sedgemoor District Council)
Michele Cusack (Somerset County Council)
David Mitchell (Somerset Rivers Authority)
Iain Sturdy (Somerset Drainage Boards Consortium)


Dr Rachel Burden (Environment Agency)
Jeff Fear (Axe Brue Internal Drainage Board)
Peter Paddon (South Somerset District Council)
Jonathan Stevens (Somerset West and Taunton Council)
Haylee Wilkins (Mendip District Council)

Minute taker:

Jennie Channing (Somerset Rivers Authority)


1 Apologies for Absence
Purpose: Clarification
Lead: Chair

2 Declarations of interest
Purpose: Transparency
Lead: Chair

3 Minutes of previous meeting held on 3 March 2023
Purpose: To agree accuracy
Lead: Chair
Document (downloadable PDF): ITEM 3 Draft 3 March 2023 SRA Board minutes 17 March 2023

4 Public Question Time
Purpose: To give the public chance to ask questions
Lead: Chair

5 River Sowy – King’s Sedgemoor Drain (KSD) Enhancements Scheme 
Purpose: To decide next steps on remaining works
Lead: Emma Baker
Document (downloadable PDF): ITEM 5 SRA Board Paper River Sowy-King’s Sedgemoor Drain 17 March 2023

6 Enhanced Programme Development 2024-25
Purpose: To consider opening up the SRA grant-giving process to external organisations
Lead: David Mitchell
Document (downloadable PDF): ITEM 6 SRA Board paper SRA Enhanced Programme Development 2024-25 17 March 2023

7 Any Other Business (AOB)
Purpose: To raise urgent items
Lead: Chair

For more information relating to the meeting, such as public attendance and access, please see below:
Document (downloadable PDF): SRA Board Meeting Agenda and Public Guidance notes 17 March 2023

Next SRA Board meeting: 10am on Friday 16 June 2023. The venue is to be confirmed.

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