Observers from the Environment Agency and Parrett Internal Drainage Board, on board Van Oord's water injection dredging vessel Borr, see water being jetted out from Borr's water injection bars, raised for demonstration purposes above the surface of the River Parrett near Moorland.

New dredging to cut flood risks on Somerset Levels

A new section of the River Parrett is to be dredged for Somerset Rivers Authority, to reduce flood risks to local people, properties, roads and land. Large quantities of silt will be removed from 1.37miles (2.2km) of the river between Moorland and the M5, to increase its capacity to carry flood water.
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Van Oord water injection dredging vessel Borr, on the River Parrett with its front cutter arm and suction hose extended in the water.

Positive first results from SRA dredging trials

Trials of different dredging methods on the River Parrett produced promising initial results for Somerset Rivers Authority. Evidence so far suggests that work done at the right times, in the right places, could be much cheaper, more effective, and better for the environment, local residents and farmers.
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