Team effort to reduce flooding on A39 in Carhampton

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Works to reduce flooding on the main road serving West Somerset will be carried out from Monday 11 October by Somerset County Council Highways department.

For many years the A39 at Carhampton Cross has regularly flooded so badly it has been dangerous or impossible to drive through. This has caused widespread disruption for residents, businesses and visitors.

Water cascading down from Carhampton Cross has also regularly flooded the B3191 Eastbury Road, and hit people’s homes.

At the top of this page are sample images of the A39 at Carhampton Cross and the B3191 Eastbury Road during times of flood.

The county council has now teamed up with Somerset Rivers Authority (SRA) for a £350,000 scheme of major drainage improvements, followed by carriageway resurfacing.

SRA-funded upgrades designed to reduce flooding will include bigger pipes, better gullies, and new water control features such as concrete chambers and a catch-pit.

The extent of the work means road closures will be needed.

Diversions will be in place from Williton and Dunster out across Exmoor.

Some key points about Carhampton road closures

Drainage improvements are taking place along the A39, B3191 Eastbury Road, Hill Lane and Orchard Road in Carhampton.

A39 drainage improvement works start on Monday 11 October for three weeks. The road will be closed between 9.30am and 3.30pm, Mondays to Fridays. At other times of day, the road will be open, with temporary traffic lights in place.

Exceptions will be made for emergency service vehicles – and HGVs which are over 17 tonnes and/or over 9.5 metres in length. HGVs of this size and/or weight will be required to wait at holding points and they will then be escorted through the roadworks twice a day at 11am and 2pm.

Hill Lane drainage works will also start on Monday 11 October. These works are set to last for five weeks. Hill Lane will be closed for 24 hours a day with no access except for residents.

The A39 will be resurfaced after A39 drainage improvements are completed. The plan – subject to weather conditions – is that the A39 will be closed for resurfacing for five evenings between 6.30pm and 11.30pm. During these hours there will also be no access to the B3191 Blue Anchor Road.

Once works on the A39 have been completed, drainage improvements to the B3191 Eastbury Road will begin. This road will need to be closed between 8am and 4pm for approximately two weeks. At other times of day, Eastbury Road will be open, with temporary traffic lights in place.

Deliveries and access for people and businesses in Carhampton will be accommodated throughout the works by liaison with operational staff on site. Access for cyclists and pedestrians will also be maintained.

“Work done as quickly as possible”

Councillor John Woodman, Somerset County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways, said: “Thousands of people in the Carhampton Cross area have been hit badly by flooding for too long.

“During periods of heavy rain, existing drainage systems just get overwhelmed, so we need to act. If we don’t, the problem will only get worse.

“Thanks to Somerset Rivers Authority funding we can do just that and deliver this crucial scheme. I recognise that roadworks and road closures are rarely popular, but this scheme will make a big difference to people’s ability to get safely through Carhampton in the future.

“There will be some short-term disruption while the work is being done, but please bear with us.

“Every effort will be made to get the work done as quickly as possible.

“While work is ongoing, please plan ahead if you need to use this route.”

During the road closures, diversion routes will be clearly signposted. Details can also be found at

The official diversion route from Williton and Dunster that will be temporarily in place while drainage improvements are made in Carhampton to reduce flooding.

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