W4: Resilient Infrastructure – Surveys & Investigations

This is the Surveys and Investigations section of the SRA Annual Report 2018-19, from W4: Resilient Infrastructure.

CCTV surveys

SRA-funded CCTV surveys have been done to address local flooding problems and local concerns about the condition of culverted watercourses, to inform investigations, and support proposed schemes. Accurate information enables Somerset County Council’s flood risk team to pinpoint issues and to encourage the owners of watercourses and structures to take on their riparian responsibilities for them. If need be, CCTV survey results also help the team to carry out enforcement.

Aside from supporting an investigation into surface water flooding problems in Moorland (see the W1 section of this report), success stories have included works in Curry Rivel and Baltonsborough.

In Curry Rivel, a CCTV survey gave vital information about a culverted watercourse linked particularly with bad flooding at the village school. Information gathered has enabled Somerset County Council, and its contractor Skanska, to identify improvements that will help to reduce the risk of flooding. These will be complemented by SRA-funded natural flood management measures, delivered by FWAG SW, to slow the flow of water in the upper catchment of the watercourse.

In Baltonsborough, a CCTV survey was done because various riparian owners had concerns about a culverted watercourse that was flooding property and the highway. Information gathered has enabled Somerset County Council to identify several collapsed sections of culvert and obstructions that could not be flushed away by pressure-jetting. The county council’s project team have been using the survey’s findings to engage people in conversations about their responsibilities. The aim is to co-ordinate necessary works until owners have resolved all major issues.

Beckington surface and foul water investigation

A review has been carried out for the SRA of all relevant information about Beckington, especially its underground drainage network. Work has also begun on various surveys and assessments. Beckington has a long history of flooding.

People’s homes have been affected and there have been many problems along Warminster Road and Bath Road, particularly in the centre of the village. Various partners have therefore been working together for the SRA on the first phase of a project to lessen the risks of flooding in the future.

Mendip District Council is the lead partner. It has been collaborating with Wessex Water, Somerset County Council’s Highways Department and the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group SouthWest. An Options Appraisal Report is planned for 2019-20, and a bid for further SRA funding is expected, so that action can be taken.

Flood alert systems

On behalf of the SRA, Somerset County Council’s Highways Dept has been liaising with equipment suppliers about the practicalities of setting up a sophisticated flood detection and warning system at Oake Road, Bradford on Tone. This would provide real-time information, to help generate and broadcast warnings and reduce the risk of people getting injured and vehicles damaged, particularly when it is dark.

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