SRA Annual Report 2019-20: Chadmead ring bank

In October 2019, Somerset Rivers Authority updated residents of Chadmead and Northmoor Corner on the idea of building a ring bank around their properties to keep floodwater at bay. Ring banks featured in the 20 Year Somerset Flood Action Plan drawn up in 2014.

The SRA’s letter to residents explained why – following a long round of public consultation and investigation and surveying and draft designing – a ring bank was no longer judged to be the panacea initially envisaged.

There were three main reasons.

Firstly, size. To be successful, a ring bank would need to be much longer and higher than first thought.

Secondly, cost, at least £900,000, not including land acquisition or compensation.

Thirdly, research indicated that if flooding like that of 2014 were to re-occur, no homes would be flooded in the Chadmead area. This is because of the benefits of other moves taken locally, such as dredging, works at Beer Wall and the provision of additional pumping capacity.

The letter invited feedback: none was received. In March 2020, work on this project was therefore wrapped up when the SRA Board moved its small remaining technical support budget (£2,933) into contingency.

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