SRA Annual report 2019-20: Shurton and Burton Highway Flood Relief

Shurton and Burton are small settlements in the parish of Stogursey in West Somerset, not far from Hinkley Point. Works in autumn 2019 benefitted local residents and properties by reducing the risks of Shurton and Burton being cut off by flooding. They also improved an emergency evacuation route from Hinkley Point, where more than 2,000 people are building a new nuclear power station.

The site of works at Burton was between Water Farm and Little Water Farm on Water Lane.

At Shurton, along Shurton Road either side of Newnham Bridge.

Records show both places had a long history of flooding, with problems at Shurton made worse by an obstructed water channel.

Somerset County Council’s Highways Department designed improvements for the SRA.

Raising Water Lane in Burton.

Along Water Lane at Burton (above), the road was raised by up to 30 centimetres (1 foot) and the roadside drainage system was strengthened and upgraded.

A new drain at Shurton before the road was raised up to its level. Hinkley Point can be glimpsed through the hedge.
Road-raising at Shurton, just up east from Newnham Bridge.

Along Shurton Road (above x2), the carriageway was raised by up to 50 centimetres (19.7 inches). More than 600 tonnes of bituminous material were laid. The drainage system was also improved, with new outlets put into the stream that flows under Newnham Bridge.

Contractors included local crews from Skanska, Tarmac, CH Contracting from Frome and Pete Phillips & Sons from Bridgwater.

To maintain the benefits of this work in the future, Stogursey Parish Council has agreed to work with landowners who have riparian responsibilities for clearing watercourses to further reduce flood risks.

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