New culvert will keep water draining and traffic flowing

A dangerously crumbling culvert on the Somerset Levels has been repaired to reduce flood risks for Somerset Rivers Authority (SRA).

The work’s been done so that water can drain through under Nythe Road and traffic can keep flowing north of Langport between High Ham and Pedwell.

Nythe culvert was in a very bad state, with short sections of pipe disconnected and wonky. This increased the danger of water backing up and flooding the road. Also, a hole had appeared in the edge of the road and the ground was collapsing.

Somerset Drainage Boards Consortium delivered the scheme for the SRA, using local contractors Bernard Perry. The job was completed ahead of schedule, with all of Bernard Perry’s nine men involved in different stages.

The pictures in the gallery show foreman Les Jury from Minehead (in the orange jacket) with Mr Perry; a large timber foundation pile about to be driven into the soft ground; views from east and west of water flowing through the new culvert and of two new headwalls built either side of the road; and a marker post that was found nearby and put back into its rightful place. SV stands for sluice valve.

Mr Perry and Mr Jury both said the new culvert should now work well for decades to come.

Numerous other culverts in Internal Drainage Board areas are being improved as part of a major SRA programme to reduce flood risks and get systems working better.

Read more about earlier inspections and remedial works to culverts under roads in IDB areas. You will need to scroll down the page past its first few elements.

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