View Looking Up Bonnings Lane In Barrington Of Newly Completed Silt Trap With With Builders' Equipment Including A Wheelbarrow, Generator And Pick-axes.

New silt trap benefits 25 homes

A new silt trap has been installed in Barrington, as part of a series of moves by Somerset Rivers Authority to reduce flood risks in the village.

Around 25 properties and many local road users will benefit.

The silt trap is in Bonnings Lane. It will take water running downhill and capture sediments which could otherwise clog the local highways drainage system.

The highways department of Somerset County Council delivered this scheme for Somerset Rivers Authority (SRA). The SRA is also grateful to local residents for their help.

Text continues below photos of the silt trap being built.

Interior view of big deep central chamber of silt trap under construction in trench dug in Bonnings Lane in Barrington.

Contractor smoothing cement around new silt trap now covered with series of grilles in Bonnings Lane in Barrington.

Extra maintenance

Nearby road gullies in Barrington are emptied by Somerset County Council once a year. Gullies listed on the council’s annual round are the ones most susceptible to flooding, so they qualify for an extra six-month round of emptying funded by Somerset Rivers Authority.

The SRA also allocates money for a pro-active programme of silt-trap emptying. The aim is to get these important drainage features working as well as possible.

Natural flood management schemes

To slow the flow of water down Bonnings Lane from the fields above, the SRA has also been part-funding hedge-planting and tree-planting around Barrington.

Several schemes have been put together for the SRA by the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group SouthWest and the landowner, through the award-winning Hills to Levels initiative.

Recent schemes have included:

  • planting of 50 metres of new hedge and 200 trees in a corner close to Barrington on a flow pathway across a small valley
  • planting 268 metres of new hedge with 1400 hedge plants on a bank on the split between two fields, to prevent run-off across fields above Barrington.
  • increasing the density of trees in an area on a bank above Barrington where SRA-funded planting started in 2018-19, by adding 100 trees

The SRA paid 75% of the costs of these three elements, the landowner 25%.

Pictured below: trees planted close to Barrington.

Trees planted on slope of hill just above Barrington, looking out across the village and over to the Somerset Levels.

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