“Risk of flooding greatly reduced”: Somerset Levels & Moors briefing 1 February 2023

This is the last in a series of Environment Agency Wessex updates about the Somerset Levels and Moors published in the first five weeks of 2023. All spillways have stopped running and river levels are stable. Most moors have returned to their normal winter water levels. Immediate risks of flooding are now greatly reduced. Activities will be organised soon to help people recover from recent events.

“Water further recedes”: Somerset Levels & Moors flood briefing 27 January 2023

An Environment Agency Wessex update on a further improved situation, with no spillways running, river levels stable and the volume of water stored on moors down to about 11.3 million cubic metres. Riparian owners are again encouraged to check their culverts and ditches, and clear any blockages to ensure free flowing water to pumps. Many of temporary pumps will be kept in place through the winter, though some smaller pumps are no longer providing benefit and require servicing. They will be returned to the local depot, from where they can be quickly re-deployed if needed. Pumps at Fordgate and Bridgwater Docks have been demobilised. However, any pumps requiring more time to install will be kept in place.

“Major incident stood down”: Somerset Levels & Moors flood water briefing 25 January 2023

An Environment Agency Wessex update about an improved state of affairs on the Somerset Levels & Moors, with reduced flood risks. The situation is no longer classed as a major incident, but matters are still being closely monitored and a lot of pumping activity is still happening. Furthermore, the Environment Agency intends to keep extra pumping capacity until the end of the winter.

“Pumping 7 million cubic metres of water a day”: Somerset Levels & Moors briefing 23 January 2023

The latest Environment Agency briefing about an improving situation on the Somerset Levels & Moors. River levels are falling, no spillways are running and the amount of water stored on the levels and moors is reducing. As the water recedes, riparian owners are requested to check and clear their culverts, gullies, gutters and ditches to ensure the free flow of water, which will assist the pumping operation and speed the evacuation of water from the moors.

“Currymoor no longer full”: Somerset Levels & Moors flood water briefing 22 January 2023

The latest update on the Somerset Levels & Moors 'Major Incident' from Environment Agency Wessex. Partners working together continue to get results. The total capacity being pumped across the Parrett and Tone catchments is 59.5 cumecs (cubic metres per second). Currymoor is no longer full and is now at 88% capacity, with levels continuing to drop. All spillways have stopped running, and levels on both Saltmoor and Northmoor are falling.

“37 to 31 million cubic metres”: Somerset Levels & Moors flood briefing 21 January 2023

The latest update from Environment Agency Wessex, whose pumping operations over the last day have helped to bring down the volume of water stored on the Somerset Levels & Moors Moors from 37 million cubic metres to 31 million cubic metres. Pumping activity is currently underway at Currymoor, Saltmoor, Northmoor, West Sedgemoor, Westover, Huish Episcopi, Midelney, and Westonzoyland. There are also four temporary pumps running in Haymoor and eight at Dunball. There are six pumps at Fordgate and five on the docks in Bridgwater, where the Environment Agency is using the canal to remove further flood waters from North Moor and the Fordgate area, pumping it back into the River Parrett in Bridgwater.
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