Kitchen Units And A White Cooker Nearly Submerged In Dark Brown Flood Water In February 2014.

SRA launches flood insurance survey

Questionnaires have been sent to more than 1,200 homes in parts of Somerset that were badly affected by flooding in 2013-14.

Nearly five years after 150km2 of land was under water for weeks, Somerset Rivers Authority (SRA) is particularly keen to hear from people what it’s now like trying to get affordable home insurance.

Residents are being asked to outline their experiences and opinions, so the SRA can decide how best to help – if need be.

The launch of the national flood re-insurance scheme Flood Re in 2016 is often said to have improved matters for householders. One aim of the survey is to find out how much of a difference it has made.

The consultation is being carried out for the SRA by the Community Council for Somerset.

It closes on Friday, 21 December 21.

The main places being consulted are Athelney, Burrowbridge, East Lyng, Fordgate, Moorland, Muchelney, Oath, Thorney, West Yeo and Westonzoyland, with sidelines in North Curry and Chadmead. People living elsewhere in Somerset can also take part if they so wish.

To complete the survey online go to

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is this survey for?

Answer: Lack of affordable flood insurance was one of many worries faced by households after the 2013/14 flooding. The introduction of Flood Re in 2016 was intended to provide a solution. The SRA is interested in finding out from the communities most badly affected in 2013/14 whether access to affordable flood insurance is still a problem for them. The survey is mainly about access to flood insurance but includes some other more general questions about flooding.

Question: Why is the survey only covering a few places on the Levels and Moors and not the rest of Somerset?

Answer: The survey is a sample of some of the areas most badly affected by the 2013/14 floods.

Question: What will be done with the results of the survey?

Answer: The findings will be used to inform the Somerset Rivers Authority about whether access to affordable flood insurance is still an issue for Somerset residents. If necessary, the SRA will be able, for example, to have discussions with the insurance companies, raise awareness of issues and commission further projects.

Question: I live outside the survey area, can I still take part?

Answer: Yes. Go to the Community Council for Somerset website:

Question: What is Flood Re?

Answer: In early 2016, the insurance industry introduced Flood Re. This is a not-for-profit scheme, organised and funded by the insurance industry, that caps domestic flood insurance prices keeping insurance premiums affordable for households in high-risk areas. The scheme excludes houses built since 2009.

Link to Flood Re website:

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