Video: How Filter Soxx can slow down water and stop roads flooding

Filter Soxx intercept water as it flows across fields. They are particularly useful in stopping problems such as water flooding roads.

Run-off – probably carrying soil with it – is slowed down by Filter Soxx.

The soxx allow sediment to settle and be kept in fields.

Dozens of places across Somerset are benefitting from natural flood management measures like this, as part of the award-winning Hills to Levels project. Somerset Rivers Authority has been one of the main backers of Hills to Levels since 2015, initially using Growth Deal money from the Heart of the SW Local Enterprise Partnership and, more recently, council tax and contributions from Somerset’s Internal Drainage Boards.

This video features Roy Hayes of Natural England and FWAG SW.

It is the first in a series demonstrating natural flood management techniques across Somerset. It was filmed and edited by Watershed PR.

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