Video: How leaky ponds can help stop flooding

In times of flood, it is important to store as much water as possible higher up in river catchments.

One way of doing this is to create leaky ponds, so that water can be held back safely, and gradually released safely through an adjustable outlet.

Water levels in leaky ponds can also be carefully lowered at certain times of year, before heavy rains are expected, so they are ready to take more water.

This video shows a leaky pond being created in the valley of a steeply sloping field in Brompton Ralph, in the catchment of the River Tone. Also included in the scheme are an outlet pipe with different flow characteristics, and a bund to allow farm machinery to cross.

The work is part of Somerset’s award-winning Hills to Levels project.

Somerset Rivers Authority has been one of the main backers of Hills to Levels since 2015, initially using Growth Deal money from the Heart of the SW Local Enterprise Partnership and, more recently, council tax and contributions from Somerset’s Internal Drainage Boards.

The video is the fourth in a series demonstrating natural flood management techniques across Somerset. It features Joanna Uglow of FWAG SW and farmer John Elliott. It was filmed by Watershed PR.

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