Map Showing Site Of Water Lane Drainage Improvement Works And Necessary Traffic Diversion Route

Work to start at flooding hotspots in West Somerset

Somerset Rivers Authority is tackling two flooding hotspots in West Somerset, with major works starting on Monday 30 September.

Drainage improvements in the parish of Stogursey will bring three main benefits. They will help to stop the hamlets of Shurton and Burton from being cut off, improve an emergency evacuation route from Hinkley Point and protect people’s properties nearby.

The scheme is being delivered for Somerset Rivers Authority by Somerset County Council’s Highways Department, using Skanska as contractors.

The first phase will be along 210 metres of Water Lane, between Water Farm and Little Water Farm, west of Stogursey.

The road will need to be closed, with traffic being diverted, possibly until 27 October.

On the map at the top of this page, the site of the works is picked out on the left (in red). Going clockwise, the official diversion is marked out (in blue) via Burton, Shurton, Wick Park Covert, Cockwood and Stogursey.

A second phase of improvements is due to start at Newnham Bridge near Shurton on Monday 28 October. Works here are complicated by the fact that the level of the road varies by more than half a metre, so some clever moves have had to be worked out by the county council’s engineers.

The road at Newnham Bridge will need to be closed, with traffic being officially diverted around the same loop as before. 

The scheme is due to be completed by 22 November.

Residents and motorists are thanked in advance for their patience.

As historic names such as Water Lane suggest, these works will tackle very long-standing problems with flooding and they will help to make this part of Somerset safer.

Download a copy of the official notice of works for Water Lane – this also includes a map: Order notice for Temporary Closure of Water Lane near Stogursey 30 September 2019 with map


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