Video: Increasing floodplain storage – a case study

When river levels rise at this site by Gould’s Brook between Crewkerne and Merriott in South Somerset, flood water can now be stored in an area of land which has been scraped.

A raised bank (also known as a bund) holds floodwater in.

This natural flood management work helps to prevent flooding locally and further downstream in the Somerset Levels.

It was done as part of the award-winning Hills to Levels project.

Somerset Rivers Authority has been one of the main backers of Hills to Levels since 2015, initially using Growth Deal money from the Heart of the SW Local Enterprise Partnership and, more recently, council tax and contributions from Somerset’s Internal Drainage Boards.

The video is the sixth in a series demonstrating natural flood management techniques across Somerset. It features Joanna Uglow of FWAG SW and James Hector of Natural Engineering Solutions.

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