Agenda for Somerset Rivers Authority (SRA) Board meeting on 14 June 2024

A meeting of the Board of Somerset Rivers Authority (SRA) will be held at 10am on Friday 14 June 2024 at the offices of Somerset Council (formerly South Somerset District Council’s headquarters) in Brympton Way, Yeovil, BA20 2HT.

Below are lists of people expected to attend the meeting from across the SRA partnership, plus the meeting’s agenda and reports.

Members of SRA Board:

Cllr Mike Stanton – Chair (Somerset Council)
Tony BradfordVice-Chair (Parrett Internal Drainage Board)
Cllr Simon Coles (Somerset Council)
Cllr Dixie Darch (Somerset Council)
Jeff Fear (Axe Brue Internal Drainage Board)
Andrew Gilling (Axe Brue Internal Drainage Board)
Cllr Tony Grimes (Somerset Council – substitute)
Mark Heywood (Parrett Internal Drainage Board – substitute)
David Jenkins (Wessex Regional Flood & Coastal Committee)
Cllr Harry Munt (Somerset Council)
Claire Newill (Natural England)
Cllr Claire Sully (Somerset Council – substitute)
Matt Wheeldon (Wessex Water)
Ian Withers (Environment Agency)

In Attendance:

Dr Rachel Burden (Environment Agency)
Bel Deering (Somerset Rivers Authority)
Caroline Dunn (Somerset Rivers Authority)
Ross Edwards (Environment Agency)
Paul Elliston (Somerset Rivers Authority)
Donna Gowler (Natural England)
Sam Hitchcott (Somerset Council)
Jonathan Hudston (Somerset Rivers Authority)
Kirsty Larkins (Somerset Council)
David Mitchell (Somerset Rivers Authority)
Caroline Murray (Somerset Drainage Boards Consortium)
Neil Ogilvie (Somerset Council)
Sean Papworth (Somerset Council)
John Rowlands (Somerset Rivers Authority)
Iain Sturdy (Somerset Drainage Boards Consortium)

Apologies for Absence

Cllr Mike Caswell (Somerset Council)
Rebecca Horsington (Parrett Internal Drainage Board)
Cllr Ros Wyke (Somerset Council)


1 Apologies for Absence
Purpose: Welcome and Clarification
Lead: Chair

2 Election of Chair and Vice-Chair
Purpose: Election
Lead: David Mitchell

3 Declarations of interest
Purpose: Transparency
Lead: Chair

4 Minutes of previous meeting held on 8 March 2024
Purpose: To agree accuracy
Lead: Chair
Document (downloadable PDF): Item 4 Draft Minutes of SRA Board Meeting on 8 March 2024

5 SRA news
Purpose: A verbal progress update on some recent SRA-funded activities
Lead: Jonathan Hudston, Bel Deering, Paul Elliston

6 Public Question Time
Purpose: To give the public chance to ask questions
Lead: Chair

7 SRA finance reports
Purpose: To update the Board with Quarter 4 2023-24 Finance Report, and present an annual summary for 2023-24
Lead: Sam Hitchcott
Documents (downloadable PDFs): ITEM 7a SRA Board Paper 2023-24 Annual Finance Update 14 June 2024
ITEM 7b SRA Board Paper Finance Update – 2024-25 Budget Spending Profiles 14 June 2024

PLEASE NOTE: The main finance reports for Item 7 are not confidential, but additional detailed financial information will be made available only to SRA Board Members as an Appendix to Item 7a. The additional detailed financial information contains exempt information and is therefore marked Confidential – Not for Publication. At any point if Members wish to discuss the detailed financial information within these papers then the Board will be asked to agree the following resolution to exclude the press and public:

Exclusion of the Press and Public
To consider passing a resolution under Regulation 4 of the Local Authorities (Executive Arrangements) (Meetings and Access to Information) (England) Regulations 2012 to exclude the press and public from the meeting on the basis that if they were present during the business to be transacted there would be a likelihood of disclosure of exempt information, within the meaning of Schedule 12A to the Local Government Act 1972.

Reason: Information relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person (including the authority holding that information).

8 Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) Monitoring and Inspections
Purpose: request for top-up funding
Leads: Sean Papworth, Neil Ogilvie
Documents (downloadable PDFs): ITEM 8 SRA Board Paper Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) Monitoring, Inspections & Mapping 14 June 2024
Item 8 SRA Board Paper Appendix A SuDS Project Funding Report 14 June 2024

9 SRA Potential Project Pipeline and 2025-26 Programme of works
Purpose: Progress update on the development of a pipeline of project ideas to support the SRA’s 2024-34 Strategy
Lead: David Mitchell
Document (downloadable PDF): ITEM 9 SRA Board Paper SRA Potential Project Pipeline and 2025-26 Programme 14 June 2024

10 Project updates
Purpose of papers 10a to 10c: To report on progress and make decisions where requested

10a Outcome of January 2024 Water Injection Dredging upper bank trial
Lead: Iain Sturdy
Document (downloadable PDF): ITEM 10a SRA Board Paper Water Injection Dredging with Enhanced Shoulder Works 14 June 2024

10b King’s Sedgemoor Drain bank raising and outfalls
Lead: Iain Sturdy
Document (downloadable PDF): ITEM 10b SRA Board Paper Sowy – KSD Phase 1 Project Completion Plan 14 June 2024

10c Brue modelling project next steps
Leads: Neil Ogilvie, John Rowlands
Document (downloadable PDF): Item 10c SRA Board Paper River Brue Modelling Project Next Steps 14 June 2024

11 Any Other Business (AOB)
Purpose: To raise urgent items
Lead: Chair

12 Papers to note
Purpose: To report on progress

12a Bridgwater Tidal Barrier
Document (downloadable PDF): Item 12a SRA Board Paper to Note Bridgwater Tidal Barrier 14 June 2024

12b Taunton Strategic Flood Alleviation Improvements Scheme
Document (downloadable PDF): ITEM 12b SRA Board Paper to Note Taunton Strategic Flood Alleviation Improvements Scheme (TSFAIS) 14 June 2024

For more information relating to the meeting, such as public attendance and access, please see the Public Guidance notes below:
Document (downloadable PDF): SRA Board Meeting Agenda and Public Guidance Notes 14 June 2024

Next SRA Board meeting: 10am on Friday 20 September 2024. The venue is to be confirmed.

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